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Jacob Cohen Clothing for Men

“I developed my first jeans because I wanted them to be comfortable, but at the same time luxurious and eclectic, suitable for even formal moments.” Nicola Bardelle

The Italian brand Jacob Cohen, founded in 1985 in the city of Ponte Longo, Veneto region, today occupies a leading position in the European denim industry. Tato Bardelle, the creator of such successful brands as Americanino, Kinghino, Outsider, stood at the brand's origins. His denim products have always been famous for their high quality and excellent wear resistance, but they remained “workers' clothing”. 

A special chance for the Jacob Cohen brand occurred in 2003, when Tato Bardelle's son, Nicola Bardelle, joined the company. He became the ideological inspirer and soul of Jacob Cohen.

The future designer, Nicola Bardelle, spent a lot of time with his father. As a schoolboy, he already worked as an apprentice. Hence, he inherited all the qualities and specifics of the Bardelle cut from his father.

However, Nikola did not admire the working style of wide straight-leg jeans his father produced. At that time skinny jeans spoke much to him, and upon joining the company, Nikola immediately presented the team with the concept of a new style of men’s jeans; trim, luxurious and up-to-the-date.

They were stylish, hand-made pure Jacob Cohen men’s jeans with a magnificent cut and unique scuffs made with a pumice stone, silver-plated buttons and rivets, and a label with the Jacob Cohen logo made of pony leather. It was the start of high-quality elite jeans and a new trend for luxury among denim brands. 

The Jacob Cohen brand still uses the same concept for the production of its denim clothing, as it was used to produce vintage jeans. This is, probably, the main reason it is still one of the most successful denim brands in the world that produces their jeans from durable denim. 

All Jacob Cohen jeans are made from noble Japanese Kurabo and Mamarato denim, considered to be one of the best and exclusive textiles in the world. The Jacob Cohen denim is processed without any chemical intervention and undergoes 45 processing stages, making it environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Due to the use of specific old technology - denim is stretched on the frames - this kind of denim gets its outstanding durability and softness, though the process is cumbersome and pricey.

Jacob Cohen jeans are durable thanks not only to high-grade materials, but also a special tambour seam all clients of the brand give credit to and a special washing process. The washing takes place in the brand’s laundries without the use of synthetic agents. The result is your luxury jeans remain beautiful even after many washes.

The Jacob Cohen brand creates incredibly comfortable, versatile, and elegant jeans, perfect for any occasion and any body type. Each collection includes regular-fit jeans, skinny jeans, vintage jeans, and chinos, as well as traditional jackets, shorts, and other garments. 

Every collection of the Jacob Cohen luxury denim includes traditional fits: SCOTT -a regular waist, regular cut, and medium wash); BARD - a regular waist and slightly less slim leg; NICK - a slightly lower waist and slightly narrower leg; NICK SLIM - same as NICK, but the diameter at the bottom is a bit narrower; BOBBY - a straight and slim fit chinos.

Thanks to the presence of many unique, sophisticated details it is almost impossible to fake Jacob Cohen jeans. 

Packed into a biodegradable fabric bag, wrapped in tissue paper, every pair of jeans leaves the shop in an “azure blue” handbag, accompanied by a nice bonus: the thread of the same color as the stitches in a small cotton bag, a small vial of perfume “emblematic smell” of Jacob Cohen denim, spare accessories, and a pumice stone, which allows you to whiten the fabric yourself, making the clothes even more exclusive, unique, "your own."  

The Jacob Cohen brand continues creating exclusive high-quality jeans with a meticulous approach and focuses on that every detail is aesthetically pleasing. As Nicola says, "I created the ideal jeans, the ones I always wanted to wear: comfortable, elegant, and suitable even for those who know little or nothing about denim."

Normally, the color palette of any collection is not limited to the usual blue or gray shades for denim products. The profound knowledge of color allows Jacob Cohen to include yellow, aquamarine, emerald, scarlet, and purple colors.

Each collection is produced in a limited edition and is always sold out in the first few weeks of sales. Today, the Jacob Cohen brand has not only its production located in Italy but also more than 700 luxury boutiques worldwide, including ours in Marbella, Spain.

There are many elite clothing brands in Italy, but there are units dedicated exclusively to jeans. A company that has chosen this path puts itself between a rock and an anvil: it is arduous to distinguish a product between luxury American and widely available Chinese. 

It is safer to go the proven way by choosing, for example, cashmere or leather things. Then even a beginner, even imitating, will immediately gain some of the fame earned in this field by Brunello Cucinelli, Santoni, D.Exterior, Missoni, and hundreds of other compatriots.

In the case of denim, the easy way is impossible. Why do Italians and customers from other countries need a brand clone? They crave something unique! 

And it was convoluted to spring up in the market with a conscientious, almost manic attention to detail and quality denim brand. 

But if such a thing stays afloat for a long time, it means we are dealing with something outstanding and remarkable. 

And Jacob Cohen is not just afloat but confidently moving in the once chosen direction of luxury and comfortable denim. 

“Jacob Cohen is tempting for many because it is synonymous with textile know-how and exclusiveness. Each collection consists of 500 models.

 All this explains the final price and customer loyalty. The value justifies the cost. Our jeans fit not only your body but your feelings as well.”

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